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Wedding Dance Lessons Sydney

4/47 York St, Sydney NSW 2000, Австралия
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+61 2 9829 2828

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We took dance lessons for our wedding and everyone loved it! they were very accommodating, just make sure to cancel/amend bookings 42 hours before :)

Ieva was amazing. Really taught us so much and as someone that NEVER dances it was incredible. Very excited for the big day and won't embaress ourselves now

Thanks so much Julie. We had our doubts we would be able to pull it off (we don't dance at all) but after 9 lessons, it went off without a hitch and we were really happy with how comfortable we were with each other and it just became second nature. I was also happy we did more than just shuffle around the dance floor. We didn't experience any issues at all regarding missing lessons or rescheduling. It was all very straightforward and they discuss it all beforehand. Highly recommend Julie - thank you so much!

I had a girlfriends wedding in which I was a bridesmaid. I was cursed with two left feet and terrified of having to dance publicly! The bride suggested dance lessons and one of the groomsman and I took 5 and we had a blast! I wasn't nervous at all on the day and I was so happy with I danced and how the wedding videos turned out. Would definitely recommend!!

We had 5 bridal dance lessons with Carlos at his Annandale studio, we would like to express our thanks to Carlos for his wonderful choreography and tutorage. In just 5 lessons, Carlos was able to take to 2 complete beginners and transform our first dance in our wedding 3 weeks ago to something that amazed our friends and families and mostly ourselves! We combined 2 songs (slow & fast) to great success following Carlos' guidance. Carlos is passionate, creative, friendly with a sense of humour. It turned what could have been a 'chore' into a truly pleasurable and fun experience. We are now looking at going back to do further dance lessons with Carlos, we couldn't recommend Carlos highly enough.
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