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149 York Street, Corner 80 Druitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Австралия
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+61 2 9269 0898

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来悉尼之前就看到大家说澳宝很漂亮,所以一着陆就心心念着澳宝。悉尼是个美丽的城市,参观过歌剧院之后,走过情人湾就是rock market,那里澳宝店铺很多,看了几家之后继续向着购物街出发,pitt步行街琳琅满目,david jones就在悉尼塔下,然而维多利亚女大厦不愧是最豪华的百货商店。Volle Jewellery就在女王大厦的街角,非常容易发现。这里的澳宝设计简约时尚,更难得的是店里的华人经理Linda让我体会到了异国他乡的浓浓乡情,已经定居悉尼很久,她非常耐心的介绍各种澳宝和手工定制过程,并且店里完全支持银联刷卡。 因为商务出差,Linda在支付过程中的热心和服务使我节约了时间,帮助我买到了理想又实惠的澳宝送给母亲!

Amazing service! Best jewellery store I've ever been too... They took out the time to explain to me all about what I was interested in and more. When I finally made my purchase I felt like I knew what I was getting in detail, as well as I could now I was getting really good value for my money. Learned a lot about jewellery as well!! :) Would recommend these people to anyone looking for good service and top quality.

I schlepped around Sydney in my business attire, getting sweaty and tired, and frankly annoyed at the unimpressive opal options (at least below 1200 AUD). A friend of mine was also wandering around Sydney, and knowing I was looking for Opals, he called and mentioned he'd found this store, and that it seemed better (product and price) than the others he had seen. I wandered in, and as if without noticing my disheveled state, they graciously helped me understand what was available in my (low) price range, and how to pick the best pieces available in that range. No judging, just courteous and friendly. Ultimately, I bought a gem with more sparkle and roughly twice the size for the same money as I had seen at 3 other stores today. I will be buying from here again... and I live in Ohio. Please tell them Nick sent you.

This place is great. Pan helped me with an engagement ring. He was really helpful. Would recommend this place to everyone looking for great jewelry and knowledgeable staff!

Very good service and a big range of pearl jewellery. Pan helped me, was knowledgeable, explained things clearly, and was very patient as I slowly made a choice. I would definitely go back!

The ladies at this shop were really helpful and friendly. They took the time to answer my questions about the gems I was looking at and made sure my purchase was perfect.

Greetings to the lovely German saleswoman! The service is really great in Vollé and the jewellery is very beautiful.

Amazing opals Excellent staff knowledgeable,genuine ,friendly and make buying a pleasure will be returning
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