Venus Karaoke

3/195A Burwood Rd, Burwood NSW 2134, Австралия
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+61 2 9745 0999

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Typical karaoke place. $30 jugs of Hennessy and green tea (jugs can fill about 7-8 tumblers) visited on Sunday night where a medium room was $60/hour fits 7 people fine. System was modern most video clips were original videos. But about 30% of the songs we picked had those old stock background video clips with scenery and a girl in a red dress etc lol.

Actually surprised by this, they had cool people working there and a fair few songs to choose from, bands like avenged sevenfold which I didn't think had a place there were among the selection which made me really happy, a really fun kareoke place which isn't too expensive either


Location isn't very convenient but the system is good. Good song selection. Price 's good too

Went here the first time last year and first impression wasn't too good because their song selection system the cigarette smell were really bad. But we gave it another try yesterday and they got a new system! Was really impressed with it and good sound quality too. If they could just get rid of the bad cigarette smell somehow it'll be even better.
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