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The Edge Sports Supplements Parramatta

73 Macquarie St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Австралия
Phone number
+61 2 9633 3321

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Excellent customer service, very prompt and friendly. Had a last minute rush order and it arrived well ahead of time. The gentleman I dealt with on the phone (unfortunately I don't remember his name) was very helpful.

Friendly helpful staff. Good prices.

Professional and friendly team of employees who always provide great support, advice and an absolutely awesome customer experience

Great, friendly and very helpful staff

I was one of the first customers back in 1999 and always been loyal to The Edge parramatta for the past 18yrs. The highly knowledgeable staff are really helpful always putting the customer 1st. Best protein shakes in Parramatta too! The team has been seen taste testing at local fitness clubs where I've tried sampling and always friendly service. Well done- The Edge. 5 Stars for you!!

Staff are very friendly, helpful and professional. I would definitely recommend them! Thanks guys.

Awesome service and wide range of quality supplementation and dietary advice

Walking into the shop today I found the customer service polite and directing me to natural products which is a positive considering the misuse of supplements in today's market. My previous time walking in I was very hot headed and found I was as much to blame as the owner I seen new staff and found the store to be a happy and healthy environment. I was very pleased to have the advice of natural products as I am a former drug addict and alcoholic, so Thank you and liked the idea of seeing customers dropping in to pick up there herbal shakes on the way to work...

Отличное обслуживание клиентов, очень быстрое и дружелюбное. Был последний час спешки, и он прибыл задолго до того. Джентльмен, с которым я разговаривал по телефону (к сожалению, не помню его имени), был очень ...

Я был один из первых клиентов в 1999 году и всегда был лояльны к краю Парраматту за последние 18yrs. Высококвалифицированные Квалифицированный персонал очень полезно всегда сдачи 1-го клиента. Лучший протеиновые ...

Идя в магазин сегодня я нашел обслуживание клиентов вежливо и направляя меня к натуральным продуктам, который является положительным, учитывая неправильное использование пищевых добавок на современном рынке. Мой ...
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