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The Art of Ben Bickley - Geelong Tattoo Artist & Fine Artist

21 Ormond Rd, East Geelong VIC 3219, Австралия
Phone number
+61 3 5222 2090

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Ben is the best of the best! He is an incredible artist and his work constantly exceeds my expectations - It's beautiful. His realism is next level and I constantly receive compliments on my tattoos. He makes the whole process so easy and he's a pleasure to talk with, a wonderful person really. Simply the best.

5 звезд недостаточно! Если бы я мог дать 100 звезд, я бы! Удивительный талант! Удивительные работы! Я никогда не выхожу публично, если чья-то челюсть не падает, насколько удивительны мои татуировки и как они «похожи на фотографию». Качество и точность на месте

So stoked with my new tattoo. Ben went above and beyond to ensure the best possible finish with amazing attention to detail. He made sure i was comfy throughout and I really enjoyed the whole experience. Am already planning my next one. Thanks so much Ben!

Ben is amazing. Every piece I've had from him has been spot on perfect. Exactly as I wanted it. He's lovely to sit with and has amazing talent. A genuinely talented and nice guy.

Бен - такой великий татуировщик и человек. Очень внимательный и прислушивается к каждой идее. Очень рекомендую, будет ли это ваша первая или сотая татуировка

Бен татуировал меня несколько раз, всегда такой приятный опыт, даже когда он вычеркивает пупок. Очень рекомендую ему удивительный татуировщик. Верхнее качество

Ben is a very talented artist. I’ve had many portrait tattoos done by him and I wouldn’t go to anyone else. He is very passionate about his work and always puts in 100%. Highly recommend

Ben put together the perfect design for my tattoo and executed it beautifully! More than happy with the whole experience and was blown away by how talented and professional Ben is. Highly recommended!
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