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Swastik Dance Studio,Harris Park

2/2-6 Kendall St, Harris Park NSW 2150, Австралия
Phone number
+61 2 8897 2218

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Swastik is a wonderful place for anybody to learn dance. There are several classes throughout the week to accomodate all, according to their level of dance. All the instructors go out of their way to make everybody feel part of the group, learn and enjoy the overall dancing experience. For professional dancers, there are plenty of opportunities to hone their skills in various dance forms.

Fantastic dance school, encouraging and inspiring teacher, supportive and helpful staff. Keeping traditional Indian dance alive and approachable in this day and age is not easy. Swastik dance school does an amazing job!

The way I see it is,the founder Sumati Di is a passionate teacher who doesn't diferniciate between her students. Very talented and makes you feel like a family. I wish Di to see rise and shine like never before.

True to Kathak its heritage its roots. Amazing performance by Guru pandit rajendra gangani ji recently at the Riverside Theatre. Students were so respectful in true guru shishya parampara.

They have a fantastic studio.The Owner self is a very talented dancer and all dancers are great.A very good place for dance lovers of all ages to excell and master their dance skills.

Swastik institute of dance is a dance school par excellence. If you want to experience and train in Kathak and not compromise any of its elements this school is for you! Trained by Sumati didi who's vision to build a community around Kathak, each of the teachers are equally passionate about passing on this art form to the kids. The school provides a solid foundation to all youth and builds self-esteem, and confidence. I Joined school for to learn Kathak and loving it. Very reasonable price $15 per class for 2 hrs.I go twice a week and pay $12.50 per class. I like there strategy of the more you come and less you pay. Performed with Swastik as well costume rental was only $20 per class.Very Reasonable prices. Tried few other school before i joined.... Best in town.

Swastik is one of the best dance school in Sydney, where the Indian cultural values are also taught alongwith the classical dance. The teacher Sumadi Didi is highly passionate about kathak, great motivator and creative. Loving to be with Swastik for more than 5 yeats. <3
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