Sizzling Fillo

36 Railway St, Lidcombe NSW 2141, Австралия
Phone number
+61 2 9649 7939

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Great service, and clean environment. Food was tasty as well, and staff were friendly. An unique experience eating with hands. Good for big groups whom want a new experience. Parking is a bit tough, so try the multi level near the wedding venue and try your luck!

An awesome place to dine if you are interested in Filipino cuisine. They have special menu on occasions like Valentines, Christmas etc. Boodle-Fight menu is a must if you want to experience unique Filipino culture. The staff are very accommodating, and its fun to celebrate birthdays here :)

Один из лучших! Филиппинский ресторан в Сиднее. Обслуживание подлинной и удивительной филиппинской кухни и отличное место для проведения специальных мероприятий. Дайте всем клиентам теплый прием. Если вы читаете этот обзор, все, что я могу сказать, это «CRISPY PATA FOREVER»

The best is talaga ang ever famous CrispyPATA ;) <3

The food was great, had a real hearty and warm feel to it. The service is great too. All round great experience.

Filipino food in lidcombe. If you're craving for crispy pata head over to sizzling filo.

Make sure you order ‘Crispy Pata’! It’s crunchy and tender alone, and the dipping sauce is optional for me or it depends on how you want it. The food is delicious, service is great and they’re reasonably priced. Good value for money, much cheaper than eating in the city.
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