Rocky Pet World

314 Yaamba Rd, Norman Gardens QLD 4701, Австралия
Phone number
+61 7 4928 2500

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The staff in this pet shop are very knowledgeable and helpful. They keep the pets they sell in great condition. The atmosphere in the store is a breath of fresh air. We love looking at all the animals and appreciate their large stock of diverse products.

I have started using Rocky Pet World in last couple of months, and mainly because the staff are very accessible and quite knowledgeable and friendly.Yes sometimes people might come across a bit brash,but hey these guys are in retail and some customers are hard to please, so when someone else wrote a comment about them having no knowledge on Salt water fish, i find your comment unwarranted.The young man they have doing the fish here is the best, i have come across in Rocky.He tells it how it is,which is the best way to be,he wont suffer fools i can tell you.I would recommend this store to anyone needing anything about fish for sure.

I’d instructed my husband to buy Blackhawk dog food from another pet store but he went to Rocky Pet World by mistake. I was so pleased that he did, as the price was much cheaper than any that I’d previously found and there was a bonus offer of 6 cans of Blackhawk dog food. I’ll definitely go back there.

Amazing cutomer service very helpful with deciding the equipment i needed thanks

Я начал использовать Rocky Pet World за последние пару месяцев, и в основном потому, что сотрудники очень доступны и хорошо осведомлены и дружелюбны. Иногда люди могут натолкнуться немного наглыми, но эй, эти ребята в ...

Персонал в этом зоомагазине очень хорошо осведомлен и полезен. Они держат своих питомцев в отличном состоянии. Атмосфера в магазине - это глоток свежего воздуха. Мы любим смотреть на всех животных и ценить их большой ...

Я поручил моему мужу купить собачью пищу Блэкхок из другого зоомагазина, но по ошибке он отправился в Скалистый мир животных. Я был так рад, что он это сделал, так как цена была намного дешевле, чем у меня, которую я ...
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