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2/117 MacLeay St, Potts Point NSW 2011, Австралия
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+61 2 9331 4333
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Thank you thank you thank you Dan and his beautiful team for the most amazing flowers in our office and for Charlotte’s engagement! The team were a delight to work with and so accommodating. All our clients are always complimenting our unique and artistic arrangements at reception & in our board room so we knew they would be perfect for the engagement. The team really got the balance of coulour and texture, height and weight just right and all the photo’s are that much better because of the stunning centerpieces and arrangements around the room. Great job guys! Super proud of the work you’re doing and looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!!! Xxx Caro

Exceptional service and attention to detail, POHO is no doubt the best florist in Sydney. They were able to create something custom to my budget, and I am constantly impressed with the team there. A high end, boutique quality florist which I couldn't recommend more. Thank you!

I can only say the best for this florist. I live on the Gold Coast and had to arrange flowers from my Grandmother and best friend. Their friend they have known for over 50 years was recovering in hospital. The friendly staff were able to send a stunning arrangement to suit their budget. The arrangement was beautiful. So artistic and stunning orchids to last the time she was in hospital. It came with a vase so it took away the worry of the hospital staff or family in locating a vase. Thank you Poho Flowers for all your kindness!

The most beautiful arrangements created by this florist. Service is impeccable called from Brisbane and flowers were delivered that morning. I recommend them very highly. Thanks to Miriam

Я заказываю цветы для моего бизнеса, я всегда говорю с прекрасной командой на POHO здесь наш бюджет пожалуйста, мне что-то, что это подходит для нашего окна дисплея. Когда они поставляют это все и даже больше! Я всегда сдувается их договоренности и их услуги всегда очень дружелюбны и очень полезно. Я также начал заказывать мои цветы для семьи и друзей с помощью этих ребят, и я должен сказать, что вы платите вы получаете больше, чем то, что вы просили! Не только удивительный букет цветов, но они действительно слушают в то, что Вы желаете с вашим заказом и всегда идти выше и дальше с их творчеством и обслуживание ♥ ️ Спасибо за всегда делает его таким приятным опыт общения с вами, ребята

Yeah , this is the place to go for original flowers, won’t go anywhere else . This is as good as NY seriously
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