Pocket Pizza Manly

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Address  46 Pittwater Rd, Manly NSW 2095, Australia
Phone number  +61 2 9977 1872
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Good pizza, interesting toppings and flavours which always seem to work together. Place has a relaxed and quirky vibe to it and it's so close to the main manly corso and ferry. Avg pizza is circa $21 which is enough for 1 person to feel full.

Such an awesome place with great pizza! It is a tiny joint - seating for about 20 elbow to elbow but totally worth it. The pizzas topping combinations were inventive and worked so well together. The staff was delightful. Really I can't say enough good stuff.

AMAZING fried kale, mushrooms, ricotta and truffle oil pizza! By far best pizza crust in Manly!

Fabulous pizza! I know how it sounds, but I highly recommend the kale pizza. Just be warned it gets busy and orders can take a while. That's just the price you pay for good pizza.

Very good. Tasty and quite ingenious names for their pizza's

Worth the wait for a table, excellent pizza and friendly service. Great location and awesome atmosphere.

Long time customers, really committed to this crispy kale situation, but first time reviewers. Here we go; Deliveroo speedily delivered us a pizza, sadly the wrong one. However (handsome sounding) Pizza Pocket man confirmed it was very delicious but meaty, we confirmed this with our cat (we are vegetarian), despite his advice not to feed to the cat. The dog also enjoyed it. Don’t force vegetarianism on your animals kids In conclusion, we got a speedy delivery of our OG correct kale mushroom pizza (greatest addition to their menu), and a complimentary dessert (because great). Pocket pizza for lyfe, with a y. We are all about you Pocket man was also well dressed and handsome- and ready to run from us

Грибы - самая сочная и лучшая пицца, которую я когда-либо пробовал! Это поход для каждой снисходительной ночи. Карманная команда пиццы, которую вы потрясаете для ее создания
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