Paradise Pizza Pasta Ribs

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Address  740 Darling St, Rozelle NSW 2039, Australia
Phone number  +61 2 9810 7722
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Quality pizzas ! Best in rozelle, i don’t go anywhere else. The owner was so lovely and have the most loveliest staff

Amazing service, the crust is top notch...Best pizza in balmain!!!

Great pizza. Fresh. Friendly staff. Quick service. I don't go anywhere else.

The positive reviews speak for themselves. This place makes the most amazing, fresh, best tasting pizza I have ever had! The owner is lovely and the service is always 10/10. I can’t eat pizza from anywhere else now because they just don’t compare to a pizza from Paradise pizza.

Фантастическое обслуживание. Наши суетливые просьбы были встречены с улыбкой

Good pizza good price
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