Westmead Children's Hospital, 180 Hawkesbury Rd, Westmead NSW 2145, Австралия
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i gave birth at Westmead very recently and my team for the delivery were fantastic. They were kind and understanding and explained things to me, but when i got to the maternity ward after the first few hours i had a great midwife, but the next day i felt they were pushing me out so i left earlier then i planned. I think when mothers give birth its important for support from the midwives i don''t think its right to push mothers out, regardless if its the first baby or fifth. I think more needs to be done in this field and i think the hospital needs to do more for mothers and patients in general.

My mum was admitted for brain surgery due to cancer spreading to brain. We as a family found most of the nurses really helpful and they tried to answer or get answered any questions we had about mum. The only issue we had was the communication between us and the doctors. We waited for 3 weeks for mums surgery without any explanations until after she had the operation. It turned out they were waiting for a specialist. That's all they should had told us but choose to say nothing. The cancer center staff were fantastic with mum. The nurse's are more personable and caring. In a whole westmead treated my mum and family fantastically

Review for all 'future mums'. Rooms for childbirth are clean and tidy.. Some have a bath and all have showers. Midwife are professional and discreet. Food after delivery tasty. Don't know about Maternity Ward as I went straight to home.

I had taken my husband, to Westmead Emergency, I wish to thank the emergency and hospital staff, for his care. He recently had an operation to remove his prostate for cancer and had been extremely sick for the last 2 weeks, thinking the worst. The Irish Doctor (we think his name was Andrew or Andy) in emergency, saved his life, because we had no idea it was the diabetes, that caused the illness not the cancer. His prompt actions saw him admitted straight into hospital, administrating medicine. We wish to thank you personally for your dedication to our health and welfare. Helena & Graeme Byrnes
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