Marble Bar

Level B1/488 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Австралия
Phone number
+61 2 9266 2000

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The Marble bar is one of the two amazing bars that the Hilton has to offer. This one in the basement, the other one on the roof. It's exactly the high calibre, fantastic kind-of party atmosphere you would expect from somewhere in the heart of the city. If you are looking for somewhere for a lively Friday drink, this is your joint.

Interesting decor in an unexpected locale in Sydney underneath the Hilton. Wide space underneath with a live stage and plenty of marble surfaces to go round! Nice tall ceiling capable bar staff. Seating can be a bit of an issue as there is not too much of it there.

Underground bar under the Hilton hotel on George Street. With mahogany and marble interiors, this place is really quite unique. With an ample selection of drinks and a warm ambiance, this bar is one of my favorite. Perfect place for a nightcap in the cbd.

Friendly staff and great atmosphere. Lots of history within the bar. Drinks are reasonably priced and they do offer Happy hour here!

Good spot for drinks, though can get pretty busy for a cosy venue. Limited happy hour menu, though the drinks on it are good quality. No reason you can't go there and run the menu on a weeknight and bounce up for work the next day. Also has table service which is an advantage to other similar spots in the vicinity.

Jaw droppingly beautiful decor. This place gets busy with functions, so make sure to secure a space early. Not a lot of seating give the number of people that go there.
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