Manoosh Pizzeria - Enmore

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Address  170 Enmore Rd, Enmore NSW 2042, Australia
Phone number  +61 2 9550 6606
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Manoosh is becoming my go to restaurant for delivery pizza. I moved to Sydney a few years ago and have been trying to find the right everyday pizza, and Manoosh is the best I've found in the range of tasty yet affordable and convenient pizza. My favorite thing about them is they're consistent (though I can only speak for the Enmore location). I've never had a pizza undercooked or overcooked, the crust is always consistent. Obviously they have their own style of pizza that may be more or less to your liking, but I find the crunchy/chewy baked crust style enjoyable. For toppings I highly recommend anything with the garlic sauce as an option.

it late, you''re watching something om you tube about food, you begin to feel hungry you wish you could eat what is on your screen. then you ember Manoosh all is easy, with their fast delivery and hot pizza all with a friendly smile. Now you can watch that video and feel a sense of relief as you are eating some of the best god dam pizza in Enmore

This is our regular I love the vegelicious and making my own pizza with that delicious garlic swirl. Always tasty, hot, open nice and late.

The best pizzas I have had....I dont think there is anything on the menu that we haven't tried.....its a great meeting place when we come to Sydney with fantastic food and great atmosphere....I would recommend the Mary's Special pizza and the Charlie's special pizza...yummmmy

Wow Manoosh Pizzeria you guys impressed me today! Vegan pizza ($17) and vegan dessert bakery ($9) with chocolate/coconut/jam - both so tasty and juicy! Pizza base is thin and crisp, filling is rich and juicy. Dessert is one of the best vegan ones I've tried in Sydney so far. The only thing I missed today is coffee to buy at the same place :)

Good pizza - if you like spicy, go for spicy chicken
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