183 King Georges Rd, Roselands NSW 2196, Австралия
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+61 2 8385 6163

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The best pharmacist in the area by far. Most pharmacists just want you to buy whatever they can push on you, but not here. This pharmacist makes time for you to understand your issue and will try help you resolve them and wont lie to you, because lets face it not everything works in an instant!!!

Very nice service and staff. I’ve been to many doctors with very little help until I met this gentlemen. Very nice guy and information he gave me helped me so much. Thank you. It is amazing what you have done for me

To be honest what everyone has been saying is honestly true. The Best Pharmacist I've spoken to. Knows way too much and is very precise. Extensive knowledge and in detail

George is amazing! As you can see what everyone is saying is so true. I met him today and honestly what has been said is true. He went out of his way to help us. Not many people will do that. You'll be amazed with the knowledge and advise he gives. Thanks so much :-)

George was so amazing. The help he provided was so helpful. I feel so much better. My favourite Pharmacist by far

Great Customer Service, and staff extremely friendly and reliable. Highly recommend :) Extensive product range and high quality protein powders. Will be returning!

Coming to George every single time I have a concern about my health problem. He is really knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Come to him when you need help regarding health issues

Been to other places but the advise he gave was better than anyone I've ever been. Thank you very much George

Самый лучший фармацевт в этом районе. Большинство фармацевтов просто хотят, чтобы вы покупали все, что могли бы на вас напасть, но не здесь. Этот фармацевт дает вам время понять вашу проблему и попробует помочь вам ...

Очень хороший сервис и персонал. Я был с многими врачами с очень небольшой помощью, пока не встретил этих джентльменов. Очень хороший парень и информация, которую он мне дал, так помогли мне. Спасибо. Удивительно, что ...

To be honest what everyone has been saying is honestly ...

Джордж потрясающий! Как вы можете видеть, что все говорят, так верно. Я встретил его сегодня и честно, что было сказано верно. Он ушел с дороги, чтобы помочь нам. Это не так много людей. Вы будете поражены знаниями и ...

Great Customer ...

Coming to ...

Very happy great customer service. Will definitely be recommending to everyone
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