Longrain Restaurant

85 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Австралия
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+61 2 9280 2888
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Великолепная кухня и отличный сервис, пожалуй один из лучших ресторанов Сиднея. Места лучше бронировать заранее. Без брони свободный столик придеться ждать час-полтора, но кухня этого ресторана того стоит.

The food here is amazing! Wait staff are really good while they also have some great wines and cocktails. Highly recommend

This was our third visit to Longrain and our second time ordering the set menu. We added on the snapper as well as it's one of our favorites. The staff were all friendly and accommodating. Overall we enjoyed the experience and the dishes were all very tasty as we remembered from before. We had one member in our group who was pregnant and the restaurant does accommodate to this but offering alternative dishes that are safe to eat in place of those on the set menu that aren't. Unfortunately she said that these alternative dishes were not nearly as good as the normal menu items. She wasn't able to finish the bamboo dish as the bamboo was too strong of a taste for her (this was the alternative to the betel leaf dish). For the rest of us we really enjoyed all of the dishes and would definitely come back again some time.

Delicious, up-market South Asian food. Very nice, industrial fitout with long tables. Ambience is pretty festive and can get pretty loud. The music is eclectic, but mainly pop-folk which is a bit strange for a restaurant like this I think. Great service, and good for vegans and vegetarians.

Incredibly good (upmarket) Thai food! Deliciously tasty and very well presented. They get very busy, but there is a cool waiting area where you can get cocktails while you wait. Can be a bit pricey, but the quality is higher than your average Thai place.

I have eaten here 3 times recently. The first time was easily 5 stars - perfectly caremalised pork hock with a delicate crispy shell, but the second and especially the third time the pork was dryer, slightly overcooked, and failed to achieve that 'melt in your mouth' experience. So, I find some dishes here variable. However, the oysters are consistently lovely, fresh, and well balanced with a mild chilli dressing. I'll certainly come again, but might avoid the pork in future - even though it is a favourite. A second reason I must give only 4 stars: there is a section of the seating which is on stools with no back, which becomes uncomfortable. This does not save space and allow for more customers - it appears to be an aesthetic choice to keep this section of the dining area in line with the bar. I'd prefer a seat with a back - and somewhere to place my jacket! Never compromise customer comfort for aesthetics guys, or at least give people a choice over where they sit.

Very good Thai food, long shared tables and it's designed so you sit next to your partner or friend instead of opposite
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