La Coppola

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Address  4/152 Redfern St, Redfern NSW 2016, Australia
Phone number  +61 2 9699 8450
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For ages I had been craving pizza that would remind me of the slices I had tried in NYC earlier this year. What La Coppola offers is a much more refined alternative. The flavours are well balanced, and the ingredients taste very fresh. The service was a big plus too. If you are looking for a more personal experience with pizza, this is a great place to check out.

Myself and my work colleagues LOVE this place. We have quickly become regulars here. Food is always top class and fresh. We love the owner Stefano who always makes a special effort for us! Highly recommend!!! Sharon

If you want great pizza? This is it. Absolute winner. We have been here many times. In fact I just told a total stranger this the place to go. Just go there and eat the beautiful pizza.

I love this place. A friend who lives in the area introduced me to it a few years ago, and I keep coming back. There are some great pizzerias in Sydney, and la Coppola is up there in that group. In fact, I'm on my way right there now.

Always love going here. Amazing service and awesome pizza every time.

La Coppola is a MUST if you are serious about pizza! We decided to head to La Coppola when visiting a friend in Redfern and was not disappointed. We ordered a pizza off the specials menu (so flavorful), some zucchini flowers (perfect cheese goo-i-ness) and then came MT Etna.. Now if you like hot salami based pizzas you would LOVE this! .. We all agreed that MT Etna was perfect, right amount of toppings, spice, savoriness and cheese! Now anyone that is passionate about pizza knows that apart from toppings you need a great base and the bases here will not disappoint. Also I would like to mention apart from good food, the owner Stephano (the man with the token mustache) had to be the most happiest pizza maker I have ever met. It was really nice at the end of the night, we were the last in the restaurant and he came out to chat with us (for a good length of time).. We didn't at all feel awkward about being the last in the joint, and we had a great chat! .. Stephano makes a mean pizza and does it with a smile!.. definitely worth checking this place out.

Great service, accommodating eight of us in a small space. Very tasty!

This is a great little pizza place that came highly recommended for its gluten free pizza bases. La Coppola did not disappoint! The pizza was absolutely delicious! And the jaffa log was a sweet way to end the meal. The staff were polite, friendly, and helpful.
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