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I had my hair extensions done by Nicki and she did an amazing job! I am very happy with the result. She is super quick and very fun to talk to. She has extensive knowledge on hair extensions and was very informative throughout the session. She answered all my questions and put me at ease. No glue or tape was used on my hair. The extensions were braided on by Nicki and Nicki alone. She also cut and styled my hair once all the extensions were put in. She always did it for a great price which met my budget! My hair does not feel heavy or uncomfortable with the extensions in. I'm surprised it feels so comfortable on! Maintenance is also quite simple and easy to follow. Thank you Nicki :) I'll be back :D

Great shop, have been in there twice now. Once for a friends tattoo and a second time for my tattoo. Both walk-ins and our tattoo artist Jay spent all afternoon with us perfecting our idea and getting the right position! Honestly he spent ages with us! Such a good experience, all artists are very friendly as well. Only downfall was that there was no glad wrap on bed. Hopefully they clean them thoroughly after each person.

붙임머리가 너무하고싶었는데 처음이라 걱정됫는데 하길 너무 잘한거같아여!!진짜 너무맘에들어용 ㅠ 진짜 단발머리 고민이신분 적극 추천해드려용 ! 생머리 드라이해줘야 하는게 고민이신분은 저처람 웨이브를 추천해드립니다 생각보다 관리두 쉽고 괜찮은거같아영 머리 이쁘게 해주셔서 감사합니당

제타님한테 타투받았는데 너무 예쁘게 잘되ㅛ어요 감사합니다:)


한국에서 붙임머리 띄고 왔다가 다시 붙이고싶었는데 시드니에서 결국 인생샵을 찾아냈습니다!!붙임머리 너무 꼼꼼하게 잘붙여주셨어요❣가격대비만족짱짱입니다

I love it, thx u nicki

I had my septum done a week ago with Noemy and i love it! Very clean environment and good vibes here! I will be back for more!
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