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Fitness First Park St Platinum Sydney CBD

2 Park St, Sydney NSW 2000, Австралия
Phone number
+61 1300 557 799

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Staff are friendly . However, it’s also members’ responsibility to keep the place tidy and clean ...their culture up bringing shown the lack of respect of common area by not putting away their trash in the rubbish bin. Towels were not used during training and using tissues and dryer after shower is environmentally unfriendly. I do agree with some members’ comments that it’s shouldnt be a platinum gym as it’s a relatively small gym and can’t provide the equipments and facilities like other platinum gym .

As CBD gyms go this is pretty good. Staff are helpful and attentive. Doesn't come anywhere close to the 'platinum' Fitness First label, outdated and in need of renovation but convenient location. Changing rooms and toilets need a dedicated cleaner, doesn't seem like it's cleaned more than once a day for the number of users. It's worth the money for where it is in the city but there are definitely better Fitness First gyms in Sydney.

This gym has something for everyone just about. Excellent equipment especially in the weight room and kept ingood repair. Nice place to do my CrossFit workouts. Sometimes staff cant assist you might be too busy.
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