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Fernwood Fitness Green Square

12-20 Rosebery Ave, Rosebery NSW 2018, Австралия
Phone number
+61 2 9663 1611

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Awesome little gym + Most of the time the gym is empty which is great for yourself!! Only thing I'd point out is it needs some sunlight in there :/ but other than that I would highly recommend to any ladies wanting to start off at the gym :))

The new staff are extremely helpful and friendly at all times. I was a member years ago and the management was terrible so I cancelled my contract and vouched never to return but I'm back & I absolutely love it. The staff are great, they make me feel so comfortable. The area is always neat & tidy and I've since I've been back, I haven't had any issues. If you've been burnt by this gym before, I strongly suggest giving the new management another chance. They're top notch :) So glad I've signed a 12 month contract!

Recently taken over by new owners which taken the club to a whole new level. Love the pump, spin classes and functional area too.

I dont know why people are leaving bad reviews! I have just signed up to this gym and its amazing! everything is new and super clean, the staff make you feel welcome all the time, the classes they offer are amazing and there are so many to choose from! honestly the best gym ive ever been to!
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