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El-Alamein Memorial Fountain

MacLeay St, Elizabeth Bay NSW 2011, Австралия
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+61 2 9873 8500

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Iconic fountain that graces a paved park area. Located between Kings Cross and Potts Point. The park and fountain almost act as a divide between the old Kings Cross and rejuvenated Potts Point. Overall a lovely shaded area to have a sit and relax during the day for a short time. Well kept with shops near by

A mid sized fountain in the heart of King's Cross, on a small open space near the shopping strip, occasionally hosting a mixed market place on weekends, and is a short walk to nearby eateries and hoteliers, and nearby suburb of Rushcutters Bay.

A great place to be for the whole family. The water there is great to look at but not graeat to drink. Warning do not drink the water. There are a lot of people there and a great community. Until it gets dark and then it might get a little shady. So do not being kids there after sun down. Have fun when you go. It is a must see if you are visiting Australia.

Beautiful! Like a giant liquid dandelion. There was a farmers market going on while I was there.

У них есть еда и одежда рынок каждый выходные ,, очень приятно видеть и предлагают так много типов пищи, семейных и собака дружественных

Très jolie fontaine dans le quartier populaire de Sidney.

Beautiful water feature

Very calming
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