Echo Point

262 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000, Австралия
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+61 2 9283 1618

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The place is great fun, go with a group of friends, book a few hours, you might think 3 hours of Karaoke is a long time, but it flies by, it's so much fun especially with friends, I recommend making a list of songs you enjoy singing along to before hand, because it's surprisingly hard to think of songs on the go. This place also sells drinks for when you get thirsty. I'll definitely be back!

If you're down for a relatively cheap karaoke place I'd recommend echo point. There's choices of either English or Asian (joysound) karaoke systems and they more or less work without any issues. The rooms themselves are relatively clean and spacious enough to fit a wide variety of groups and most importantly there's enough ventilation to keep it cool. I would have to say though the one down side is the strict rules for liquids and bag check when you get a room. Unfortunately most bottles or liquids are confiscated just incase there's alcohol in them but water and clearly labelled soft drinks are also confiscated. This makes you have to shell out a bit for drinks later or go back to the counter for a swig of your drinks that got confiscated. If they offer free tap water on the side that they could supply in each room that would change my rating to a five here.

throughly enjoyed my experience, been there 5+ times. Highly recommend! Great for any occasion :)
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