Doughboy Pizza

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Address  620 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia
Phone number  +61 2 9310 1188
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Ordered delivery for a large family night in. Friendly service and yummy pizza. Four cheese pizza was amazing! garlic ciabatta was my pick over the garlic and cheese bread (we had both).

Great selection of toppings including imaginative vegetarian options. Have ordered twice from there and been impressed both times.

Fresh delicious pizzas & prompt delivery, sourdough bases were the best!!!

Great spot and friendly staff. Balboa on the spelt base is my favourite. Much better than your average pizza joint, good quality and reasonably priced. Love the pizza paddles as well

After reading some reviews we decided to try this cosy place. It was worth it! Very good Pizzas and friendly staff. I really recommend this place.

When I entered, my eyes lit up, it was the most beautiful restaurant I had ever laid eyes on. My lips parted in awe as the aroma of the busy kitchen kissed my senses. The array of options made my head spin — in a good way. I slightly bopped to the music, feeling the rhythm in my very soul. I floated to the counter as a very enthusiastic young man greeted me with a smile. “Hello, welcome to doughboy,” he said I could sense his warmth from across the counter. “Can I get the margarita — hold the tomatoes” I whispered He smiled knowingly as I handed him (a very reasonable) $16 I went to sit down as the feng shui of the restaurant overwhelmed me. I breathed in the smell of the heavenly pizza as well as the buselling conversation of the crowd. After a mouthwatering two minutes, the man brought my pizza to me. It was love at first sight. I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. The melting mozzarella, combined with the freshness of the basil made my eyes cry tears of pure joy. When I took my first bite, I died and went to food heaven. The flavours melted in my mouth. As soon as they took that bite I was transported into an alternate universe, filled to the brim with love and happiness, with ecstasy and joy. My dad became my son. I became my dogs pet. I taught my teacher math. I told my mom to do her homework. My mouth was transported through time and space. And in that moment, I swear I was infinite.

Very tasty pizza. Had the vegan pizza and you wouldnt have known!

Great place to eat pizza in sydney !
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