Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Sydney

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Address  169 Military Rd, Dover Heights NSW 2030, Australia
Phone number  +61 2 9581 0111
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They are so helpful and ready to respond to all my queries.

I was in lots of trouble .... My uncle passed (I have never even met him) and he left us (my family & I )with $180000 dept. I needed to contact Czech embassy ASAP and fix that...They have never come across the situation I was at, and they still gave me an advice. They literally saved my a$$ and did it with a smile. Soon I will need them again and I hope I will come across these awesome peeps that helped me last time ....

Mohu jen doporucit !!

Friendly staff, short wait. There was a little misunderstanding regarding how long it would take (talked with them over the phone prior to my visit), but they suggested me to mail the documents so I wouldn't have to return.
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