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Consulate General of Japan in Sydney

1 O'Connell St, Sydney NSW 2000, Австралия
Phone number
+61 2 9250 1000

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As long as you have done a careful preparation of material they require online, there would be no problem for your application to be approved. If you have missed some required material, any argument or explanation would be useless. I could see many negative comments might result from confusion about their requirements. If we hope to visit their country, it is reasonable for us to respect their instruction and requirement. so just prepare all materials carefully, it is not a hard job. If you could provide all required material, their service would be efficient and friendly. The officer directed me to correct a mistake on the form, reviewed all materials very fastly and then gave me the yellow paper. The whole process was only about 3mins. But as others mentioned, it might need some waiting time though you have booked, because only one counter is for visa. Anyway, just follow the checklist online and prepare materials carefully. Then you would be happy with their service. :)

If you follow their online instruction and prepare all documents they asked, you will find you got nothing to complain about. Their visa application is very easy.

I got the visa application approved on the first visit. No need to go back. Reasonable service. The officer did his job well. He took all my documents to the back behind closed doors and analysed my application for about 25mins. He must've analysed it very carefully. I was quite anxious while waiting. I provided every document exactly as they required in the checklist. My advice for people who are applying for a Japanese visa is to do EXACTLY as they state in the checklist. Read and follow instructions carefully. Arrive at consulate at 8:30am (1hour) before opening time so you will be ahead in the cue otherwise you may miss out on getting a ticket or book online in advance. All the best.

Service at the Japanese Consulate was very efficient and friendly. It was my easiest visa application experience.

Pros: - Good service, they do have a ticket waiting system which is great. - The councillors are very friendly and genuinely try to help. - The process is quick without extra bureaucracy - They allow to send missing documents in realtime over email from your smartphone, if you go out of the secure area. Cons: - it's a bit warm in the waiting area, seemed like the air conditioning was not working - they have a sign that says something like "because of the high volume of visa applications we can stop accepting applications before the advertised hours." Advice: - make sure you bring all the docs as described on the website. - if you don't have an original of the invitation letter from Japan yet but you do have a scanned version sent from an official Japanese email address, mention it, it might help.
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