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Consulate General of Indonesia

236-238 Maroubra Rd, Maroubra NSW 2035, Австралия
Phone number
+61 2 8347 6881

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I don't understand with the negative comments, because my experiences were always positive. I was always nice to the staffs and they also were very helpful and understanding. We are all only human being, if you polite and follow the rules I believe for whatever the reason you need to come here, it will get done professionally and with a timely manner.

I have been to the consulate twice to get a visa and on both occasions the service has been exemplary. Courteous and patient staff.

The best service and very quick process. Also the security guard was very nice and helpfull too. I dont know why all negative comments towards him. If you are nice to people and they will be nice to you too. Say thank you its not hard to do. I disagree to all the negative comments here. They are very helpfull and friendly. GBU.
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