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Centennial Health Club

2205a/122 Lang Rd, Moore Park NSW 2021, Австралия
Phone number
+61 2 9357 7416

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I was a member of this gym for about a year before moving out of the area. I wish I had found Centennial Health Club sooner! What a great gym with great trainers and staff who always make you feel welcome. I am going to miss you guys so much, thank you! Great facilities and equipment with classes as well.

Love you! Super functional and friendly space!

Really friendly staff/management, great classes and all round atmosphere!

David, what’s wrong with you? You go to the gym and all you do is cartwheels? You're damn right I am, and I’m not even good at them. Why? Because I can. And you can too! Come and we'll do cartwheels together! At this gym you'll hear people discussing the latest show on Netflix, or sharing recipes for their energy balls, while the guy behind you is learning the handstand and the gal at the rack is deadlifting more than you do. It's a fun place - vibrant, inclusive... and you can do cartwheels there too.

Staff are always super friendly and welcoming, the facilities are always clean and the classes offer more variety than any other gym I've been registered with in Sydney. I highly recommend...

i love this club, i have been showing photos of this place to my friends from Singapore and Dubai and they dont have anything like that not a standart gym place❤❤❤also special thanks to Morgan he is always helps and very friendly.As well as Rebecca i love her yoga classes❤❤❤❤ regards, anara shaulenova
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