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戦没者の栄誉、戦没者追悼の意味で建てられてる。 生の花が献花されてるお祈りした場所。 道路も清潔に保たれ景観も素晴らしい。

Went for the Dawn Service fantastic

È uno dei tanti monumenti commemorativi delle due guerre mondiali ed è nel bel mezzo della Martin place, una bella piazza pedonale e il monumento è circondato da dei bei palazzi. Vale la pena di andare a vedere il monumento e anche per vedere la piazza.

An important reminder of why we live in (relative) peace and in memory of those who sacrificed so we do.

Great place to set as a meeting point. Actual cenotaph has historical value as a monument to those that have died for the country.

sunset service

Beautiful memorial in pristine condition. It makes you fully realize how significant the Great Wars were.

It's location and the recent ANZAC memorial day, has left the memorial drapped in wreaths. LEST WE FORGET
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