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Broadway Tattoo and Body Piercing

229 Broadway, Glebe NSW 2037, Австралия
Phone number
+61 2 9552 2077

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Had my first tattoo by josh layzie today and I am so pleased with it. Maybe easy for him, but perfect for me. I am so happy. Would recommend 100%. Thankyou.

Cain is awesome. Letme babble on for 2 hours. Worrth his wait in gold. Love ta babe cant wait for you to my dragon! You are amazing

Chris did an amazing job. I had an idea which he improved on and made it look spectacular

Absolutely incredible tattoo and piercing parlour. The parlour is extremely clean and quite spacious (length ways) and you will never have the risk of getting bumped by passing customers or other artists. Broadway Tattoo offers so much variation w/ each artist having their own style of tattoo and w/ their own pricing. They talk to you politely, w/out negative judgement towards you and they don't act pretentious like many other parlour staff do. I went in there late one night and asked for a quote on a lower arm tattoo that had my interest because it's meaning and how I relate to it, they gave me a quote in an instant. The next day Chris Meadley was tattooing it onto my lower arm at exactly the price and exactly the quality that I was promised by him. He offered great conversation while also doing a perfect tattoo. My tattoo had spot on perfect line work and incredible application. My tattoo wasn't hard to do but it was one that could of easily been screwed up but Chris Meadley had nailed it. After the tattoo was done they gave me all the best advice on cleaning and looking after the tattoo till the touch-up. Broadway Tattoo do offer a free touch-up a few weeks after your tattoo has healed and their touch-ups absolutely do the trick. All up Broadway Tattoo is the best tattoo parlour I've been to; here in Sydney. If you're getting anything from your first or fiftieth tattoo then I'm telling you to check out Broadway Tattoo.

They made me feel less nervous about getting my first piercing. Felt 0 pain and would highly recommend their work. So many rings and studs to choose from so waiting is not a problem!

Always friendly and helpful staff, the pierces are highly professional (got 2 of my piercings done here). Best jewelry variety.

Got 3 piercings and 2 jewellery changes done with Jess. Awesome! She’s a gun.
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