Apollo Bay Seafood Cafe

119 Great Ocean Rd, Apollo Bay VIC 3233, Австралия
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+61 3 5237 6008

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Свежие морепродукты, прекрасное приготовление, скромная сервировка. дорого и вкусно.


The best seafood cafe in apollo bay. Fresh local produce. Friendly staff and quick service make dinning in really enjoyable. Good for a family dine in with alchohol or just a relaxing lunch with picturesque views. Plenty of parking. Good even if you want to enjoy just a coffee.

Became really fond of this place during a two night stay in Apollo Bay. Nice laid back cafe atmosphere with quality selection of seafood and very acceptable fish and chips (even beats my work canteen fish and chips in London!). Staff were helpful in advising for a vegan friend. Personally I would recommend the fried butterfish and chips.

Fantastic fish and chips. Got the pack for 2 and extras was pretty good, only thing I could fault was the potato cakes. Great service with a smile.

去Twelve Apostles路上來阿波羅灣吃午餐,我們點了chips、souvlaki chicken、Gourmet Burger和mussel pot(gralic口味)都很好吃!如果有跟我們一樣來澳洲旅遊並且在阿波羅灣休息的人建議你們試試看喔! On our way to the Twelve Apostles, we took a break in Apollo Bay. We ordered chips、souvlaki chicken、Gourmet Burger and mussel pot(gralic flavor), they're all yummy and awesome! If you like us come here to find a restaurant, I recommend you here!!!!

Best seafood in Apollo Bay!! we came to Apollo Bay thinking an abundance of seafood to be disappointed with what we seen. Lucky Apollo Bay seafood Cafe was open. Fresh seafood cooked perfectly. If only the other restaurants where half as good as these guys. Keep up the good work will be coming back on our next visit! Thanks for the great service :)

Ottimo locale per un pranzo veloce e genuino! Voglio spezzare una lancia in favore di questa ristorante molto semplice e molto carino di Apollo Bay, inutilmente recensito male da qualche utente troppo frettoloso. Mangiate pesce fresco, cucinato sul momento (fritto o grigliato) dalla cucina a vista. Scegliete dal banco frigo quello che preferite e ve lo portano in tavola con qualche contorno. In relazione al prezzo, molto contenuto, questa deliziosa tavola calda di tradizione greca (i proprietari sono europei) saprà fornirvi un pranzo leggero e veloce, tutto a base di pesce fresco! Il locale è sufficientemente spazioso e adatto anche a gruppi numerosi. Il personale è molto veloce e cortese. I bagni sono pulitissimi e fornitissimi! Vivamente consigliato!

Fresh oyster! Really tasty! Salmon is too dry. Fish and chips are good. Definitely eat with their source. Quite expensive. But it’s the best restaurant in this town.

Great Mussels, Fish & Chips Mussel with Tomato Sauce is great. It is rich, spicy. The fish is very tasty! The bad thing is you need to pay for the Ketchup and Mayonnaise...but you can’t eat without them.

Had the best seafood platter ever at this restaurant. The pricing was reasonable and the food was fantastic. I shared the platter as it's meant for two, the third person in our party has the salmon and raved about it. You can't go wrong.

Fish and chippery with some other seafood that’s less expensive than the rest of the restaurants, though portions are not big. Grilled calamari ($14) was really good, mussel pot ($20) was decent. Would be better if the seafood portions were bigger.

The seafood was fresh. The service was quick. The prices are very reasonable. But above all, the location is just amazing.

Заехали пообедать.Я думаю,что это семейный бизнес.Очень быстро обслуживают.Рыба с чипсами приготовлена вкусно.На рыбе мало панировки,и это хорошо,чувствуешь вкус рыбы.

Абсолютно вкусно! Если бы блюдо из морепродуктов для двух и двух горшков Порт-Мисселя с соусом из чеснока и белого вина для четырех человек, и этого было более чем достаточно! Бэттер был свежим и свежим! Четыре ...

Отличное место для быстрого и настоящего обеда! Я хочу сломать копье в пользу этого очень простого и очень приятного ресторана Apollo Bay, излишне плохо пересмотренного некоторыми пользователями, слишком поспешным. ...

Если бы в этом ресторане было лучшее блюдо из морепродуктов. Ценообразование было разумным, и еда была фантастической. Я поделился блюдом, поскольку он предназначен для двоих, у третьего человека в нашей партии есть ...

Fresh oyster! Really tasty! ...
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