Apollo Bay Hotel

95 Great Ocean Rd, Apollo Bay VIC 3233, Австралия
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+61 3 5237 6250

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Bright, VERY BUSY dining room on a holiday weekend. REMEMBER TO BOOK your spot in the dining room. Mucked up our pizza order but fixed it pronto when made aware. Pub fare with vegan pizza option which I must say was pretty damn good. Good waiting staff where flat out. One flaw was evident. Seated customers watched one young woman turn away or offer limited bar places to hopeful diners who had not booked ahead. She got called away and was replaced by a senior for five minutes who immediately began to place new arriving hopefuls. Consistency guys.

Супер магазин. Кстати, когда проходит живая музыка, слышится и просто уходит. Отличная музыка хороших напитков и фантастической атмосферы. Является ли это жизнью каждый день, я не знаю. Мы были в восторге.

Spent two lovely evenings perched on the outdoor area overlooking the town of Apollo Bay sipping on a cider. I can highly recommend the pumpkin and blue cheese pizza, it was a delicious vegetarian option. Hubby wasn't so keen on the steak (overpriced?) But all round good option for dinner in the town.

Food was good. Could use a couple of smaller, less specialty pizza options on the kids menu. Service was fast and friendly.

Amazing staff and my food came out so quickly! One of the waitresses noticed I didn't receive any lemon with my meal, asked if I would like some, and came back with a bowl of lemon. It was busy but my food came out within 10 minutes.

The fire was nice and cozy. Plus the band played nice music

A friendly pub with a great vibe. Vegetarian options limited to a few but the Veg pizza was nice. Steam ale on tap. Bonus.

A friendly pub with a great vibe. Vegetarian options limited to a few but the Veg pizza was nice. Steam ale on tap. Bonus.

Much better than your average pub. Had a lunch: lawns were tender and well presented, and this value. The steak had real flavour! And the service was attentive and friendly. You can't beat the foreshore view. They also have a very this range of beers.

Got to the hotel too late for the standard pub menu but could still have the bar served pizzas that were really good! Had a veggie and pepperoni one and both came in good time and really well cooked.

Went in at night after a trip to the 12 apostles. (Didn't check what time they closed) Apparently it's 2 minutes before they close the kitchen. To my surprise the staff still welcomed us warmly and everything was good! Service was very friendly and professional, even though we're in the "last order" group, they still check on us from time to time. Food was great too! The pork fennel bangers and mash was superb! Steak (medium) was better than I expected. And a "jug" of lemonade was served in a fancy/giant coke bottle. The only exception is the kid's cheesy nachos: it's not what I expected of a nachos but call it any other name I'll still eat them. We enjoyed our dinner very much, thank you :)

Nice venue overlooking the bay. Tasty food, well presented with prompt service. Gaming room and bistro in separate areas. Ample parking on site. Nice spot on a cold night.

Лучший способ уйти с другой стороны жизни и всего остального - просто добраться до «Great Ocean Rd

We ordered take away pizzas after reading some great reviews. The staff were lovely and seated us at a table by the fire place while we waited. The pizzas were PERFECT!!! We ordered a satay chicken (no capsicum), pepperoni and aussie pizzas. Bases were the perfect medium, not too thin or thick. The base sauce was delicious and didn't overpower the flavour of the toppings. Not greasy, base was crisp and fresh. Also ordered a side of garlic bread but didn't get a pic before it was inhaled. It was delicious, not the cheap garlic bread. The pizzas were just as tasty as a midnight snack. Highly recommend!!

Один из лучших отелей на Великой океанской дороге. Персонал очень приятный и дружелюбный, предлагая потрясающее обслуживание. Великая еда, меню огромное и имеет разные блюда, в основном итальянские. Пицца потрясающая, ...

Хорошая еда в бистро, с большим количеством пространства и дружеской атмосферой. Основной выбор продуктов питания в баре, но хорошего качества. Достойный выбор пива на кране, а также продажи выпивки и мотогон. Это ...

Гораздо лучше, чем ваш средний паб. Был обед: газоны были нежными и хорошо представлены, и это значение. Стейк был настоящим ароматом! И сервис был внимательным и дружелюбным. Вы не можете победить на переднем плане. ...

Пошел ночью после поездки к 12 апостолам. (Не проверял, в какое время они закрылись) По-видимому, за две минуты до закрытия кухни. К моему удивлению, персонал по-прежнему приветствовал нас тепло и все было хорошо! ...

Хорошее место с видом на залив. Вкусная еда, хорошо представленная с быстрым обслуживанием. Игровая комната и бистро в отдельных помещениях. Просторная парковка на территории отеля. Хорошее место в холодную ночь. ...

Great traditional pub with views of the ocean. ...

Great location with a good bar selection. Food is decent but over priced probably due to the premium spot on the strip.
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