Анзак Мемориал

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Address  Сидней Нов. Юж. Уэльс 2000, Australia
Phone number  +61 2 9267 7668
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A solemn place right in the heart of the busy city. This place is great, it has all the right settings here to remind us that our freedom and way of life has been paid for the sacrifices of many people ahead of our time. Spent 40 minutes here after a busy meeting in the city, it bring back some important perspective for me. I suggest busy people to drop by here if you have some time to kill in the city.

Very relaxing park in the middle of the busy city. Grass is kept up, the park is clean but the water in the reflection pool is pretty dirty. The Anzac Memorial is currently under construction so it’s hard to get the whole experience.

A solemn building offering a moment to reflect and give thanks to those who gave their lives so that we may live ours.

One of the better war memorials I've seen. Good sombre reminder of the campaigns the Australians fought in during World War I, from the middle east to Europe. The architecture increases this effect and message

Fabulous place is this, very nice location, the construction has to be appreciated. With many tourists visiting this memorial is definitely worthy of visiting.


Very beautiful place to spend a relaxing day at. The place makes you feel respectful and staff is nice here. Picnic outside at the water front is another way to enjoy the beautiful landscape.
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